When will I see results?

Please remember that results don't come overnight. Many customers notice a slight change in the first 1-2 months of use. However, for more noticeable effects require a cycle of 3 months minimum. For maximum, long lasting results 6 months or more is recommended. Please keep results vary significantly between users. You may see results sooner, or it may take you a bit longer to get the breasts of you want. Be sure to allow Cups sufficient time to take effect, use the cream as directed in order to obtain the best results.

How do I use Cups Bust Creams?

Simply apply our Bust Cream twice daily and leave on without showering for at least two hours.

Will my results go away when I stop using Cups products?

We suggest using Cups products for a minimum of 3 to 6 months, depending on results. After obtaining desired results, Cups several times per week to maintain your new look.

Are Cups Bust Creams safe to use?

Cups Bust Creams use all natural ingredients, with no harsh chemicals. 

Does Breast Maxx have any side effects?

Cups products are made with all natural ingredients and therefore has no known side effects. Of course, it is recommended you consult with a healthcare professional before using.


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